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Noel Vermillion vs Krul Tepes

Suggested by Dylan Hooton Noel is a strong fighter who excels at long range combat. In her true form her abilities skyrocket and she can command large swords telepathically. That being said, while her speed is great I don’t think it is quite a match for Krul’s. Krul was easily able to dispatch both Crowley and Ferid. While she does let her guard down a little too easily, I don’t think she would have much of a problem dodging Noel’s attacks. Then she can counter attack at her leisure. Krul Tepes wins.

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Krul Tepes vs Hulk

Suggested by Dylan Hooton Krul may not look like she has the physical strength needed to take down someone like the Hulk, but don’t count her out just because the vampire looks like a kid. Krul has a lot of speed at her disposal and is simply a lethal fighter. It would not be very difficult for her to speed blitz the Hulk and land some lethal hits in an instant. The Hulk can heal fairly well, but not enough to compensate for how many times she will be hitting him. The Hulk just doesn’t have a chance here. Krul Tepes wins.

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Krul Tepes vs Vegeta

Vegeta is the proud Prince of all Saiyans so it is only fitting that he goes up against the Vampire Queen Krul. Krul may have a good amount of speed at her disposal, but it won’t be enough to deal with Vegeta. Vegeta’s power knows no limits and he could end the whole solar system in an instant. She just doesn’t have a way of dealing with a fighter quite like this one. Vegeta wins.

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Krul Tepes vs Gronkle

Suggested by Dylan Hooton Gronkle is a tough sounding name so I don’t think he will be going down very easily. That being said, Krul still has the advantage here. Even taking away the fact that she outranks him physically and is faster, she has healing regeneration. That kind of ability is always hard to get past because she will keep on getting up no matter how many times Gronkle lands a good hit. He just won’t be able to overcome this. Krul Tepes wins.

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Krul Tepes vs Daphne

Suggested by Dylan Hooton Daphne may be a good sleuth but I don’t think she will have what it takes to defeat an opponent as powerful as Krul. Krul has super speed and strength at a pretty high level and that will enable her to win this fight in a single blow. Daphne just can’t hope to dodge the attack or endure it so the outcome is essentially a certainty. Krul may have won the match but I don’t think her reign will stop here. Krul Tepes wins.