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Sailor Galaxia vs Sailor Moon

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Suggested by Sonic Usually you’d expect the main character to take out the final boss with ease right? Well, there are a few exceptions to that like with series where the main character only wins at the end with the power of friendship or when a series is cancelled. Sailor Moon falls into the former category as Sailor Moon was never even on Galaxia’s level. Galaxia is essentially a DBZ character who fell into the Sailor Moon series and her abilities outshine every other character in the franchise. She wins this match easily with her superior abilities. Sailor Galaxia wins.

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Sailor Galaxia vs Tuxedo Mask

I almost didn’t want to have to see Tuxedo Mask drop another fight, but it felt worth it. He never really got to take a shot at Sailor Galaxia so now he can finally have the opportunity. That being said, it’s easy to see why he never got a turn…he’s no match for her power. Sailor Galaxia doesn’t even need any of her fancy energy blasts as a quick punch would likely win her the day. Sailor Galaxia wins.

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Sailor Galaxia vs Sailor Neptune

Sailor Neptune is the last of the main Sailor Scouts to enter the blog so that is quite a feat. Unfortunately, she won’t have any better luck against Sailor Galaxia. Galaxia was simply on another level and one clean shot would be enough to take Neptune down for good. The Sailor Scout simply wouldn’t be able to endure such a blow and isn’t fast enough to dodge either. When you consider the fact that Sailor Galaxia could probably beat all of the scouts teaming up, the outcome isn’t very surprising. Sailor Galaxia wins.

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Sailor Galaxia vs Sailor Uranus

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Suggested by Sonic Uranus is a pretty hardcore rival in the Sailor Moon show and one of the stronger scouts as she only trails behind Saturn as far as the heroes are concerned. That being said, she won’t be able to keep up with Sailor Galaxia. As seen above, Uranus’ attacks mean nothing to this supremely powerful being. On the other hand, one attack from Galaxia could potentially decide the match in an instant so it’s only a matter of time before she claims victory. Sailor Galaxia wins.

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Sailor Galaxia vs Rukia

This is a pretty high tier match, but it’s time to see which opponent is stronger! Rukia (semi) recently got her (probably) final power up in the manga so was it enough to take on Sailor Galaxia? Sailor Galaxia’s raw power is still greater than Rukia’s, but the speed equation is really what the match boils down too. Sailor Galaxia certainly does seem to be quick, but Rukia is able to go at speeds that make it appear like she is teleporting. Galaxia also simply didn’t have enough time to show what she could do and I have to learn towards Rukia in this battle. This is one of those times where the anime could help Galaxia though as a prolonged fight to end the series with a sufficiently high budget could give her the combat speed feats needed to claim the win here. Some extra energy blasts wouldn’t hurt as well although blowing up the planet was already pretty great. Rukia wins.

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Sailor Galaxia vs Flatman

Flatman can stretch all he wants, but it won’t be enough to do anything to Sailor Galaxia. Sailor Galaxia can blow up planets without effort so you can be sure that this match will be a blowout. Don’t worry, Flatman will definitely be back to give it his biggest shot soon…just not too soon. Sailor Galaxia wins.

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Sailor Galaxia vs Bass

Sailor Galaxia is back and now she’s up against the strongest blog fighter of them all! Bass has his Earthbreaker technique at the ready and one shot from his Darkness Overload should be enough to tip the scales. Sailor Galaxia won’t be able to match up to such power and while her defense is decent, Bass’ attack power is too great. Bass wins.

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Lord of Nightmares vs Sailor Galaxia

The Lord of Nightmares is back after being gone from the blog for a long time. Sailor Galaxia is a newcomer to the site and this should be a battle of cosmic proportions. The Lord of Nightmares has only been able to showcase her abilities a few times over the years when she possesses the main character, which doesn’t help her fighting capabilities. She’s basically an omnipotent being, but Sailor Galaxia has actually put in the effort of planet busting while on screen. Galaxia’s speed is impressive and her firepower is enough to blow the Lord of Nightmares away. Sailor Galaxia wins.