Pegasus Seiya vs Pegasus Tenma

It’s time for a battle between the two main Pegasus saints. Both of them got incredibly powerful by the end of their series but I think it’s fair to say that Seiya will still have the edge here. He has more consistently been shown to take on every manner of being from saints to gods and just keeps on fighting. His determination is second to none and in a fight this evenly matched that is something to consider. Pegasus Seiya wins.

Pegasus Tenma vs Jin Narumi

Jin Narumi is a tough fighter with a lot of speed but that’s not going to be nearly enough to defeat Pegasus Tenma. Tenma is faster than Jin and his attacks are certainly a lot stronger. Mix in the fact that Jin’s stamina seems very unimpressive and he’s going to be in for a very rough time here. He just doesn’t have enough energy to take Tenma down for the count. Pegasus Tenma wins.