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Ghost Rider vs Trigon

Ghost Rider has his chains of destruction and could take down Trigon pretty fast with them. Trigon is pretty dangerous and can take down many opponents. Of course even he has to lose sometimes. So Ghost Rider takes the round. Ghost Rider wins.

14 thoughts on “Ghost Rider vs Trigon”

      1. Trigon would destroy World War Hulk entirely. Also same reason. Trigon busts earth from Space and leaves GR floating in orbit.

      2. Well, I do agree that Trigon could defeat World War Hulk so maybe my example wasn’t the best. Still, I think Ghost Rider’s motorcycle gives him the edge here thanks to its speed. He can fly while in space.

      3. I dunno about that. Trigon has never looked extremely impressive and almost all of his feats are off screen. He is powerful, I can’t deny that. But Ghost Rider level? I’m not so sure on that part.

      4. Trigon has destroyed galaxies with his magic in Pre 52 and was considered possibly more than a match for even classic Dr Strange should they ever have a crossover.

      5. Hey now, I think we’re overshooting him a bit. Classic Dr Strange went toe to toe with heavy weights like Eternity and Living Tribunal. Are you really saying that you would consider Trigon to be in their league?

      6. Classic Dr Strange got pwned by Living Tribunal. And yes I believe Trigon can reach Eternity’s level since composite Trigon includes the OP Pre 52 version of Trigon who again was massively overpowered.

      7. Dr Strange held his own against the Tribunal. I do agree with Trigon taking down Eternity though. Trigon is one of DC’s heavy hitters to be sure.

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