Ren Höek vs Alastor (Hazbin Hotel)

Suggested by Dinosaurroars Ren is a very crazy character so it’s hard to predict what he will do next. In that sense even Alastor will end up being very confused here. Still though, that doesn’t mean that Alastor will somehow lose. He still has his fire abilities and super form. Ren doesn’t have any true abilities like that and his defense doesn’t amount to much when you side step the toon force. I’m afraid that Ren’s debut will ultimately be that of a loss this time. He just wasn’t ready for this. Alastor (Hazbin Hotel) wins.

Scooby Doo vs Alastor (Hazbin Hotel)

Suggested by Dinosaurroars Alastor may not have the most combat feats around but he does have his super form and fire projection. I’d say that this will be enough to claim victory here. It’s hard to see Scooby Doo being able to keep up even if he was once worthy of the yellow power ring. Scooby has no battle instincts and just isn’t very good at combat. As a result he would be quickly overwhelmed here. Alastor (Hazbin Hotel) wins.

Alastor (Hazbin Hotel) vs Shaggy

Suggested by Dinosaurroars Alastor fares a little better than Lucifer since we’ve at least seen some fire out of him but the guy still can’t really fight all that much. It’s not enough to convince me that he can break through Shaggy’s Shazam-like defenses. Shaggy may not even know how to fight but he can just swing wildly and barrel into Alastor. That ought to get the job done thanks to his super strength. Shaggy wins.

Alastor (Hazbin Hotel) vs Lucifer Magne

Suggested by Dinosaurroars This is one of those times where a lack of feats really ends up hurting one of the characters. See, Lucifer is incredibly high ranked in the universe and should be one of the strongest characters in the series but he hasn’t done much yet. Meanwhile we’ve seem Alastor use teleportation, fire blasts, shadows, a super form, etc. Right now Alastor easily destroys Lucifer from what we’ve seen so this won’t be a close battle. Alastor (Hazbin Hotel) wins.

Alastor (Hazbin Hotel) vs Ferid

Suggested by Dinosaurroars Alastor returns again and this guy really can’t catch a break. Now he’s up against one of the stronger vampires in Seraph. Ferid may not be the strongest but he is usually able to bridge that gap by leveraging how impressively intelligent he is. That won’t be necessary in this battle though as Ferid has the edge in attack strength and speed. He can blitz Alastor as soon as the match begins and end things with a clean strike. Ferid wins.

Elecman vs Alastor (Hazbin Hotel)

Suggested by Dinosaurroars Alastor has returned but he’s up against another impressive fighter in Alastor. Alastor is someone who seems to have a lot of supernatural abilities but unfortunately for him his series isn’t very action oriented. That means that he has little time to show off any big feats or powerful moments. Meanwhile Elecman has proven himself in combat many times and has incredible amounts of speed. Alastor would not be able to react to him in the slightest which puts the guy at a great disadvantage. Elecman wins.

Alastor (Hazbin Hotel) vs Mikaela

Suggested by Dinosaurroars Alastor is a very sinister individual but he’s not doing anything to Mikaela here. Mikaela has super speed and impressive attack strength. Alastor wouldn’t be able to keep up with his moves at all and would quickly be dismantled in combat. Mikaela won’t even need to activate his more powerful forms here as I’m confident that his base abilities would be enough to win here. When you really think about it, Mikaela’s just too powerful. Mikaela wins.

Alastor (Hazbin Hotel) vs Bass

Suggested by Dinosaurroars Alastor (Hazbin Hotel) has some fairly powerful demonic abilities. He can use fire, strength, speed, and a whole onslaught of other abilities to get his way. That definitely makes him someone to be feared for most fighters but not Bass. Bass is the strongest fighter we’ve ever seen. His sheer power and speed are completely off the charts to the point where it’s just hard to see anyone being able to put up a good fight against him. Alastor wouldn’t have time to prep any attacks before Bass just barrels into him. Bass wins.