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Ronan The Accuser vs Lucifer

Suggested by Sonic Lucifer is pretty powerful and has given Ghost Rider a run for his money a few times back in the day. That said, he’s not quite ready to take on Ronan. Ronan’s taken on powerful opponents like the Hulk and Thor in the past. Physically I’d give him the edge over Lucifer and his hammer also grants him even more of an advantage. A single swing of that hammer can deal massive damage and Lucifer has no weapon equivalent on his side. Ronan The Accuser wins.

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Ronan The Accuser vs Gamora

This is a pretty close match for Gamora as well. She’s a lot faster than Ronan, but his attack power is significantly higher. His durability is enough to withstand her attacks for a while as well. Her sword strikes would eventually overpower him, but she doesn’t quite have that long. His attacks will also land and he will be able to claim victory. Ronan The Accuser wins.

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Ronan The Accuser vs Star Lord

Star Lord has his element gun at the ready, but it won’t be enough to stop Ronan The Accuser. Ronan The Accuser’s a pretty powerful warrior and his hammer can deal some pretty serious damage. Star Lord can fly around and spam his gun blasts, but Ronan will eventually land a hit on him and then the match will be over. Star Lord won’t be able to endure multiple blows. Ronan The Accuser wins.

Update! Star Lord got some extra power when he got a gem in a recent comic and he was even able to take Thanos down. I’m not sure if I agree with the outcome, but his extra powers definitely score him the win here. Star Lord wins.

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Ronan The Accuser vs Black Bolt

It’s time for Black Bolt to finally make his debut on the blog! It’s pretty good timing since it seems like the Inhumans film is coming out after all, but Marvel still has time to quickly make a deal with DC to replace it with a Shazam vs Black Bolt film! Until then, we need to see what Black Bolt can do. He’s fairly powerful and while I don’t really care for him…at all, I will admit that he’s skilled. I definitely don’t think that he’s as powerful as the comics would suggest, but he is skilled enough to give the Hulk a good fight. (Seriously, the comics made the Sentry openly fear Black Bolt and then the Beyonder couldn’t speak up against him either…too much hype folks) I’d say that he has the edge against Ronan since he’s a lot more mobile and it’s really hard to dodge his vocal abilities. Those definitely have a pretty huge range! Black Bolt wins.

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Ronan The Accuser vs Captain America

Captain America’s shield has always been his favorite weapon. Why Not? It can block anything from a solar system destroying Phoenix Blast to a direct hit from a planet busting strike. It works every time except for when it doesn’t. That being said, a superb defense does not always translate into a great offense and Ronan will easily be able to deal damage to the Captain eventually while Rogers doesn’t really have anything at his disposal to take care of the accuser. Ronan The Accuser wins.

Update Captain America’s Nova form definitely takes the win here.

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Ronan The Accuser vs Shazam

Ronan The Accuser is pretty powerful, but he now faces one of DCs finest heroes. Shazams power is comparable to that of Supermans and his super speed gives him a solid advantage in this round. He has a decent immunity to magic thanks to his abilities and he should be able to last long enough against Ronans strikes to speed in for the KO. Shazam wins.

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U.S. Agent vs Ronan The Accuser

US Agent vs Ronan
Ronan is pretty skilled and his hammer is quite powerful. One solid blow could definitely mean the end for the U.S. Agent. The Agent is a great hand to hand fighter and he has a solid energy sword, but it wont be enough. Ronan will eventually land the deciding blow and take the match. Ronan The Accuser wins.

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Ronan the Accuser vs Thor

Ronan the Accuser debuts in this round and he’s up against the Mighty Thor! They didn’t get to battle in Avengers EMH since Thor was occupied on another planet. It would have been a fun fight amongst the hammer wielders. Thor has the edge as Mjolnir is stronger than Ronan’s equivalent and Thor is also better at hand to hand combat. Thor is one of the original Marvel characters and he has the feats to back him up. Thor wins.