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U.S. Agent vs Ronan The Accuser

US Agent vs Ronan
Ronan is pretty skilled and his hammer is quite powerful. One solid blow could definitely mean the end for the U.S. Agent. The Agent is a great hand to hand fighter and he has a solid energy sword, but it wont be enough. Ronan will eventually land the deciding blow and take the match. Ronan The Accuser wins.

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U.S. Agent vs Master Chief

The U.S. Agent is a pretty tough guy and he’s fought with the likes of Spiderman in the past! That’s not a bad feat, but it won’t be enough to defeat Master Chief. They’re both amped up humans who have several means of offense, but Master Chief is the better warrior in this battle. He has a lot of weapons at his disposal and one good energy blast should finish things. Master Chief wins.

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U.S. Agent vs Ironman

The U.S. Agent is back, but this time he’s up against Ironman! He once had an epic stare down with him, but in the end it still wasn’t enough. Ironman has his Unibeam and with his super speed he could overwhelm U.S. Agent. The U.S. Agent is good, but in the end he needs more powers to win. Ironman wins.

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U.S. Agent vs Ike

The U.S. Agent is back and this time he’s up against Ike! Ike has his sword and some pretty good combat skills. While U.S. Agent has always tried to be tough like Captain America he could never reach his level. Ike is also too strong for U.S. Agent and too fast. His Great Aether should make this round quick. Ike wins.