Archimonde vs Arkantos

Suggested by iKnowledge Arkantos may be a good fighter but he just isn’t ready for someone like Archimonde. Archimonde can blast away at him with a whole lot of fire. Arkantos won’t be able to dodge the fire blasts and repel the powerful blows for long. Ultimately Archimonde should come out of this fight relatively unscathed. Archimonde wins.

Arkantos vs Baraka

Suggested by iKnowledge Arkantos returns but this time he is up against a savage fighter from Mortal Kombat. To be fair, pretty much every opponent is quite savage in that game. Arkantos may be able to hold his own for a little bit but the difference in their respective martial art abilities will quickly become apparent. Arkantos just won’t be able to dodge and defend against the fighter’s blows for long. Ultimately he will end up being completely overwhelmed. Baraka wins.

Nightmare vs Arkantos

Suggested by iKnowledge Nightmare is a powerful fighter in Soul Calibur. He easily has one of the best blades in the game and can move very quickly. Arkantos is strong in his own right and even became a god at the end of his game but he doesn’t have the feats needed to take Nightmare down. He would get decimated in close quarters combat as the Soul Edge takes no prisoners. Nightmare wins.