Arkantos vs Baraka

Suggested by iKnowledge Arkantos returns but this time he is up against a savage fighter from Mortal Kombat. To be fair, pretty much every opponent is quite savage in that game. Arkantos may be able to hold his own for a little bit but the difference in their respective martial art abilities will quickly become apparent. Arkantos just won’t be able to dodge and defend against the fighter’s blows for long. Ultimately he will end up being completely overwhelmed. Baraka wins.

Hector vs Baraka

Suggested by iKnowledge This is a pretty close battle. Both combatants are stronger than the average human after all. The reason why I would give Hector the edge is due to his incredible defense. He should be able to block Baraka’s attacks and his axe would deal incredible damage when he lands his shots in. Baraka also has the potential to deal a lot of damage but he won’t have as many opportunities to do so. Ultimately he will be overwhelmed by the difference in ability here but this will by no means be a one sided affair. Hector wins.

Flash (Barry) vs Baraka

Baraka is pretty skilled, but he won’t be able to defeat Barry. Barry is far faster than Baraka and he could effortlessly defeat him. Baraka wouldn’t even have time to move a muscle before Flash (Barry) takes him down for good. This is why Flash (Barry) is one of the most dangerous superheroes of all time! Flash (Barry) wins.