Hector vs Inosuke

Suggested by Sonic Hector is a powerful fighter who has good equipment so he won’t be doing down easily. That said, he still won’t be able to keep up with Inosuke. Inosuke is a savage fighter with speed that is on a different level and his breathing techniques will give him the advantage here. Hector isn’t quite agile enough to stop the attacks in time and will go down here. Inosuke wins.

Zenon (Black Clover) vs Hector

Zenon is one of the Dark Triad. His abilities are extremely dangerous and he also has high speed movement. His bones cover a long distance and a single hit would be enough to stop Hector. I have serious doubts that Hector’s axe would be enough to put a stop to Zenon and it won’t be able to protect him from the attacks either. No matter how you slice it, this is probably Hector’s loss almost as soon as the match begins. Zenon (Black Clover) wins.

Hector vs Baraka

Suggested by iKnowledge This is a pretty close battle. Both combatants are stronger than the average human after all. The reason why I would give Hector the edge is due to his incredible defense. He should be able to block Baraka’s attacks and his axe would deal incredible damage when he lands his shots in. Baraka also has the potential to deal a lot of damage but he won’t have as many opportunities to do so. Ultimately he will be overwhelmed by the difference in ability here but this will by no means be a one sided affair. Hector wins.