Hector vs Inosuke

Suggested by Sonic Hector is a powerful fighter who has good equipment so he won’t be doing down easily. That said, he still won’t be able to keep up with Inosuke. Inosuke is a savage fighter with speed that is on a different level and his breathing techniques will give him the advantage here. Hector isn’t quite agile enough to stop the attacks in time and will go down here. Inosuke wins.

Tanjiro vs Inosuke

Inosuke is a skilled demon hunter. He can certainly hold his own against most opponents. That said, Tanjiro isn’t just any ole fighter. He’s one of the strongest Slayers in the biz. As skilled as Inosuke gets, he is never quite able to match the lead in terms of strength or speed. Tanjiro’s just a lot more powerful and in a one on one it can get pretty difficult to secure a win under those conditions. Tanjiro wins.

Inosuke vs Simba

Simba may be a proud Lion of the jungle but he isn’t quite ready for this round. Inosuke has taken down many demons over the years so defeating any wild animal would be child’s play for him. Simba doesn’t have the speed or raw power needed to keep up in this round. He can try to retreat but Inosuke will ultimately always prove to be the quicker fighter. At the end of the day 1 hit is all he needs to win and he should be able to land that blow instantly. Inosuke wins.