Kechizu vs Tanjiro

This is a tribute to Demon Slayer: The Mugen Train. Taniro looked pretty great in this film. He was always ready to help and was quick on his feet. While he would certainly be sympathetic to Kechizu, he would not falter in his duty. Kechizu’s fast, but not fast enough to dodge Tanjiro’s attacks for very long. Tanjiro wins.

Tanjiro vs Ichigo

Tanjiro is a demon hunter just like Ichigo. Their circumstances are pretty different but the end goal is fairly similar. Ichigo had to deal with finding out that he was part demon and even had a third race mixed in though. Along with this came his FullBring powers so by the end of the series Ichigo really just had every kind of power possible. Bleach as a verse just gets a lot crazier than Demon Slayer so by the end of the series it just wouldn’t be possible for Tanjiro to keep up with a guy like this. Ichigo’s just too insanely powerful. Ichigo wins.

Tanjiro vs Inosuke

Inosuke is a skilled demon hunter. He can certainly hold his own against most opponents. That said, Tanjiro isn’t just any ole fighter. He’s one of the strongest Slayers in the biz. As skilled as Inosuke gets, he is never quite able to match the lead in terms of strength or speed. Tanjiro’s just a lot more powerful and in a one on one it can get pretty difficult to secure a win under those conditions. Tanjiro wins.

Tanjiro vs Karma

Karma and Tanjiro are very different when it comes to personality. Karma is all about doing things his own way and defying his higher ups as much as possible. Tanjiro prefers to learn when he can from everyone and hone his skills to go as high as they can. In terms of ability he is in a completely different league from Karma though so this would be an easy win for him. The deep breathing techniques make Tanjiro far stronger than a human can hope to be. Tanjiro wins.