Rimuru Tempest vs Gajeel

Suggested by Sonic This is a pretty close battle. Both of these guys have shown pretty high levels of ability in the past to be sure. They both have long range options but prefer to fight up close. Tempest has more actual abilities up his sleeve while Gajeel’s have been trained more. Mainly what currently gives Gajeel the advantage in this fight is his Shadow Dragon mode as well as Dragon Force. They greatly amp up his abilities so he will be fast enough to get in close and destroy Tempest in a hand to hand battle. Gajeel wins.

Sam Winchester vs Gajeel

Suggested by iKnowledge Sam Winchester is a pretty strong hunter. Not only is he very experienced, but he has been possessed before and has also been granted quite a few handy abilities. He has long range options as well as close ones. You don’t want to get anywhere near him id you’re most fighters. Gajeel definitely won’t be one of them though. He has gone up against Natsu in the past and his armor can block just about any attack that Sam throws his way. Gajeel just doesn’t go down very easily and his stats are all through the roof. Gajeel wins.

Gajeel vs Bass

Gajeel may have won his first round, but he’s a little outmatched against the incredible power of Bass! Bass is the strongest character in all of media and it is time to prove it once again! Gajeel may be strong, but his abilities won’t be enough since Bass can defeat him before the fighter has a chance to attack. All of Gajeel’s long range abilities would also be absorbed by Bass as well so they wouldn’t pose much of a threat to the king. Bass claims victory yet again and he shall be back! Bass wins.

Gajeel vs Honey

Looks like it’s time for a double debut in this round! I’m fairly early on in the Ouran Host Club series so Honey has not really had a lot of character development yet, but it won’t make a difference. Even if he eventually learns that with great names comes great fans, it won’t be enough to beat Gajeel. Honey actually has some good fighting techniques and he’s much quicker than you would assume upon first look. Gajeel can beat him with a quick shockwave yell or a solid punch, but he will have to make sure that he doesn’t hold back or underestimate Honey’s fighting ability. These two are on different levels as Honey is likely peak human or teetering on the superhuman line while Gajeel is more of an omega level threat. Gajeel wins.