Gajeel vs Honey

Looks like it’s time for a double debut in this round! I’m fairly early on in the Ouran Host Club series so Honey has not really had a lot of character development yet, but it won’t make a difference. Even if he eventually learns that with great names comes great fans, it won’t be enough to beat Gajeel. Honey actually has some good fighting techniques and he’s much quicker than you would assume upon first look. Gajeel can beat him with a quick shockwave yell or a solid punch, but he will have to make sure that he doesn’t hold back or underestimate Honey’s fighting ability. These two are on different levels as Honey is likely peak human or teetering on the superhuman line while Gajeel is more of an omega level threat. Gajeel wins.

6 thoughts on “Gajeel vs Honey

  1. Thanks again for doing these! 🙂 Although, I think this one might be a little closer than how you put it, but maybe not to much. Honey might seem all cutesy, but in actuality, he’s so strong that the Japanese government asked him to not fight in public because they feared that the other nations might think that they had a national weapon and start a war with Japan. But, almost everyone in Fairy Tail is super tough, so Gajeel would probably still win, but I think it would be a little more of a fight.

    • Hm, are we talking about the same Honey here? As far as I know, Honey’s just a normal human teenager. Are you sure that the scene wasn’t meant as comedy or something like that? He’s rich so I suppose that his family could have some experimental bombs, but Gajeel moves at supersonic speeds at the very least so in a fight I’d assume that he’d just win the instant that the match started. Maybe there’s more to Honey than I know. Is he a human or have I totally mixed him up?

      • Yeah, it’s the same Honey. And, yes, he is a normal human teenager, but he is EXTREMELY skilled in martial arts. And while the fact that a super cute character like Honey is also the strongest martial artist in the series may be a a type of joke, he is still the strongest martial artist in the series. One super rich family has their own personal police force, which is said to be the best and strongest police force in Japan (or maybe it was the world?), and Honey has been shown to take a whole, armed squad down by himself without the squad to even be able to fire a single shot at him. And, together with his friend Mori, he was able to take down the entire private police force I previously mentioned. And I’m pretty sure that Honey is an elite ninja, but I might be wrong on that. Anyway, I still agree that Gajeel would probably win, but I just wanted to point out that Honey might provide some challenge.

        Also, if you want, I can show you a clip of Honey fighting.

      • So, in essence, Honey is physically about as strong as Batman or Captain America is what you’re saying. It’s definitely a lot more skilled than I would have pegged him, but that sounds pretty fun. I haven’t read a volume in that series in a while so I’m only up to about volume 4-5, but I should be there soon. A clip of Honey fighting would be fun to see. Still, I can see that I’ve underestimated Honey’s fighting abilities.

      • I don’t think I’d say he’s as strong as Batman, but he’d probably be a pretty good match for Captain America, in both a close range match and a long distance match. I’m pretty sure Honey’s better at close range fighting, although I do remember that he used throwing stars (I think that’s what they were) in a fight. And in another fight he deflected some throwing stars. His abilities are revealed farther on in the series. I don’t remember exactly when, but I think it was around episode 10 of the anime, and I haven’t read the manga yet (It’s on my “To-Read” list, I just haven’t gotten to it yet), so I don’t know when it is revealed there.

        Alright, the following clip is from when Honey took down a squad of the private police force I was telling you about. He starts fighting around 3:00. Oh, I think I forgot to mention this when I told you about the scene in a previous comment, Honey is holding back during the fight. This is revealed by the twins when they walk over to some of the unconscious police officers at the end of the clip. Also, if you would like to see more of Honey’s fighting abilities, I would suggest watching episode 18 of the anime, as that’s what the episode is mostly about (along with some of Honey’s past). Anyway, here’s the clip: (Sorry about the quality, it was the only clip of the scene I could find.)

      • The scene actually looks familiar so I’m pretty sure that I must have seen that in the manga. I dunno, I still think that’s more in the area of toon force/comedy as opposed to his physical strength, still it did happen. Honey can certainly defeat most, if not all of the other characters in the series. For strength, I meant physically as Batman is peak human and Captain America is meta human, so he would actually be a little higher in pure strength.

        Honey certainly surprised the other fighters and now they’ll know not to trifle with him in the future! It’s been a while since I read the last adventure there, hopefully the volume is close. I really depend on the library for these things. Action makes any series 20% cooler so hopefully this one will have more and more action scenes as the series goes on.

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