Bass vs Rimuru Tempest

Rimuru Tempest is a pretty strong main character. He’s got a whole lot of abilities along with a good degree of super speed. When you put that into the equation it really puts Bass in a tough spot here. Or at least that would be true if Bass didn’t have such amazing feats. The guy is quite possibly the fastest fighter who ever lived. Then you’ve also got his raw power to contend with and his famous Get Ability. I’d like to see any fighter try to take this guy down for the count. A quick Darkness Overload attack should take Rimuru out. Bass wins.

Rimuru Tempest vs Metamorpho

Rimuru Tempest and Metamorpho are both quite skilled at manipulating their body and using elements to their advantage. That said, while their powers are similar, Rimuru has much better physical abilities. Just look at his combat speed and speed of flight. Mix that in with his powerful thunder blasts and Metamorpho doesn’t really stand a chance. If it comes down to absorption I would also give Rimuru the advantage as his Predator ability is just way too good. Rimuru Tempest wins.

Rimuru Tempest vs Mega Man

Suggested by Anonymous Rimuru Tempest is a pretty tough being whose strength and speed are almost off the charts. I actually think he’ll give Mega Man a reasonable run for his money. The fact that Rimuru has regeneration also helps his case as well. Still, Mega Man has proven himself time and time again to be incredibly durable. I think coupled with his large array of skills and physical abilities, Mega Man should still have the edge in this fight. Mega Man wins.

Update 10/18/2020 Mega Man won’t be able to keep up with Rimuru’s speed. Mega Man is fast in his own right but just a little out of his league here. Rimuru Tempest wins.