Rimuru Tempest vs Metamorpho

Rimuru Tempest and Metamorpho are both quite skilled at manipulating their body and using elements to their advantage. That said, while their powers are similar, Rimuru has much better physical abilities. Just look at his combat speed and speed of flight. Mix that in with his powerful thunder blasts and Metamorpho doesn’t really stand a chance. If it comes down to absorption I would also give Rimuru the advantage as his Predator ability is just way too good. Rimuru Tempest wins.

Count Vertigo vs Metamorpho

Suggested by Sonic Metamorpho may not seem like the most deadly of foes in the beginning, but when you think about it his powers are really handy. He can turn into whatever element he wants and there are many elements that can be deadly within moments of exposure. Count Vertigo is good at hypnosis and has a few decent abilities like flight and such, but that won’t be enough here. Metamorpho was able to give a fight to Superman after all, that’s not easy by any stretch of the imagination. He’ll very quickly take Vertigo out with a steel punch. Metamorpho wins.

Metamorpho vs Korra

Suggested by iKnowledge Metamorpho is a pretty strong opponent who has actually gone up against the Justice League in the past. His ability to use all of the elements makes him a very versatile threat. He is rather similar to Korra in that respect, but she has the edge here. In her ascended state switching between the elements is very easy. Her offensive capabilities are greater than Metamorpho’s and he will just have a tough time focusing on his attacks when she is blowing him all over the place with her impressive air abilities. Korra wins.

Thor vs Metamorpho

Metamorpho is a powerful DC villain who was able to take on the Justice League. It should be noted that Batman didn’t really get to participate in the fight, but that’s still a solid feat. His many shape changes can be tricky, but it won’t matter too much against Thor. Thor is just too powerful and a thunderbolt should knock the fight out of him. Thor wins.

Metamorpho vs Batman

Metamorpho is back and now he’s back to take on The Dark Knight. Batman is basically invincible as long as he has prep time at the ready. Metamorpho just won’t be able to stop an opponent like that and Batman quickly overwhelms him with his superior hand to hand combat skills. Batman also has his GL Power Ring to help him win. Batman wins.

Elongated Man vs Metamorpho

Metamorpho makes his debut on the blog with this fight and he starts it off on a high note! The Elongated Man won’t be able to stand up to such a powerful adversary and he’ll quickly be defeated. Metamorpho has taken on the Justice League in the past so Elongated Man won’t be able to even make this a challenge. Metamorpho wins.