Louis vs Pyrrha Nikos

Suggested by Destroyer I can’t speak much about Louis’ character since I don’t know the guy all that well but what I do know is that he is no fighter. Pyrrha has won whole tournaments from when she was a kid and did it easily. She has gone up against the best of the best while Louis would likely have trouble with the local authorities. I think the gap in their abilities is quite clear and it paints a very bleak picture for Louis. Pyrrha is definitely on a roll with yet another victory. Pyrrha Nikos wins.

Superman vs Louis

Louis is a character who didn’t get to appear for very long, but he made a lasting impression. It’s been over 24 hours since I saw Louis in his cameo on the Destruction Inc short, but I haven’t been able to forget him. He’s very memorable, but not the greatest character so I figured that I would match him up against Superman! Superman wins.