Pyrrha Nikos vs Savageman

Suggested by Destroyer Pyrrha Nikos is an incredibly talented fighter. She may not have lasted for too many volumes in RWBY but she definitely had an impact when she was around. In terms of close quarter skills she has more knowledge than Savageman but his stats are still a little better. In his base form he was able to resist a Program Advance and then he was upgraded further in his dark mode. Savageman’s speed is just crazy and that’s what will really prevent Pyrrha from taking the win here. She’ll be unable to keep up with him and her magnetism isn’t strong enough to break him. Savageman wins.

Savageman vs Copy X

Suggested by Sonic Savageman and Copy X are both some of the strongest fighters in their respective sections of the Mega Man series. Copy X has a ton of abilities and is basically X if the hero had ever turned evil. On the other hand Savageman was able to move with tremendous speed before he even had his dark chip infusions. Once he had those then his abilities jumped into a whole new level and I believe he would be able to land enough hits to win before his body would begin to break down. Savageman wins.

Savageman vs Hagrid

Suggested by Megapot Savageman is a very fast netnavi and one who was even able to keep up with speedy opponents like Megaman and Protoman. In his dark energy state, he received a massive power and speed boost. Hagrid won’t even have time to let out a yell or anything like that. His reaction times aren’t quick enough for him to handle such a speedy foe. Savageman wins.

Savageman vs Aizen

Savageman is fast and strong, but in the end he won’t be able to take Aizen down. Aizen’s speed is far too intense and one good illusion is all he will need to take down Savageman. Savageman is a powerful warrior and he can try to keep up with Aizen for a while, but it will definitely be tough for him to last. Aizen wins.

Savageman vs Lazerman

Lazerman has been mowing down his enemies for a while now, but it would appear that he’s finally met his match! Savageman has incredible speed and power at his disposal. Lazerman’s fast, but not even he could keep up with this kind of power! Savageman rises up the blog ranks with this win. Savageman wins.

Gemini Saga vs Savageman

Gemini Saga is back yet again, so it’s time for another win. Savageman is fast and powerful, but he lacks the ability to fly. With his speed, it’s not much of an issue, but Gemini Saga will take advantage of that fact and take the win. It’s tough to beat this guy! Gemini Saga wins.

Wolf Woods vs Savageman

Wolf Woods is pretty tough and all, but in the end can he hope to take down Savageman!? They’re both pretty powerful and are true beasts when it comes to hand to hand combat. I’d have to give this to Savageman. He took on the combined power of Megaman and Metalman which is a true feat! Savageman wins.

Slashman vs Savageman

Slashman is pretty tough, but he won’t be able to take Savageman down. Savageman has incredible speed and was even able to overwhelm Megaman. Savageman can also use the power of the dark chips to up his power and his threat level. Slashman has taken a loss in this round, but he may be back. Savageman wins.

Megaman SF vs Savageman

Savageman is back, but he’s against an opponent who will prove too powerful for him in this round. Megaman SF has his Black Ace form which can cause massive damage in an instant! Savageman is fast to be sure, but he’s not quite as fast as Megaman SF. Megaman SF is also stronger so there’s just no way for Savageman to win. Megaman SF wins.

Savageman vs Protoman

Savageman is definitely an incredibly quick navi and has taken down many opponents! This time he’s met his match against Protoman. Protoman is even faster than Savageman and also stronger. With one slash he can do some pretty heavy duty damage! Last time he slashed Savageman, Savageman lost in one blow. The same would happen this time. Protoman wins.