Pyrrha Nikos vs Granny Goodness

Suggested by Destroyer Pyrrha is a very capable fighter who excels at close quarters combat. Even though Granny may be a solid trainer she has never been a great fighter. She will be completely overwhelmed in this fight. Even if she tries to stay and fight from afar, Pyrrha will be able to manipulate her metal gun. There’s no way for Granny to even put up a fight here since she is outclassed in strength and speed. I’m afraid that this is the end of the road for her. Pyrrha Nikos wins.

Granny Goodness vs Sailor Moon

Suggested by Sonic This was a pretty tricky match since both Granny and Serena are fairly strong fighters. The thing is that Sailor Moon lacks combat speed and the same is true of good ole Granny. So, who would really win this fight? Well, I’ve still got to give it to Granny here as she is a lot more athletic than Sailor Moon and her power rod would aid her in a beam battle. If she gets in close then the battle is really over so while it might take a little while I think I would give her the edge. Granny Goodness wins.

Update, With Sailor Moon’s powerful energy blasts she actually will be able to turn the tables here. Sailor Moon wins.

Granny Goodness vs Green Lantern

Granny Goodness may have her thunder staff, but it definitely won’t be enough to take down the formidable Green Lantern. Green Lantern can conjure up just about anything that he needs with his GL Power Ring. Granny Goodness won’t be able to keep up with his speed or power. Green Lantern wins.

Granny Goodness vs Superman

Granny Goodness is back once again and now she’s up against the Man of Steel! Granny Goodness may be pretty cunning when she wants to be, but in the end that’s just not good enough. Superman is faster than a speeding bullet and he’s more powerful than a locomotive! Granny Goodness takes an easy loss in this round. Superman wins.

Granny Goodness vs Wesker

Granny Goodness is back and this time she’s up against Wesker! Her hand to hand isn’t bad and she got some heightened powers a while back, but in the end it won’t be enough to take down Wesker. Wesker isn’t known as one of the more deadly RE villains for nothing after all! Wesker wins.

Granny Goodness vs Darkseid

Granny Goodness is a pretty tough fighter when she wants to be, but she’s never been quite on the level that Darkseid is at. Darkseid has fought with guys like Superman in the past! I don’t think Granny Goodness could manage that. Superman’s just far too powerful and that’s why he rarely loses. Darkseid wins.

Big Barda vs Granny Goodness

Granny Goodness makes her blog debut, but doesn’t win this round. Big Barda’s just too powerful and too fast. Granny Goodness may have some raw power, but without expert hand to hand skills and speed Granny doesn’t have a chance. Big Barda rises up the ranks with this win while Granny Goodness falls down the ranks. Big Barda wins.