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Big Barda vs Granny Goodness

Granny Goodness makes her blog debut, but doesn’t win this round. Big Barda’s just too powerful and too fast. Granny Goodness may have some raw power, but without expert hand to hand skills and speed Granny doesn’t have a chance. Big Barda rises up the ranks with this win while Granny Goodness falls down the ranks. Big Barda wins.

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Mr Miracle vs Big Barda

Mr Miracle knows how too get out of traps, but in the end that’s just not enough too defeat Big Barda. Time and time again Big Barda has shown that she’s a much better warrior than Mr Miracle will ever be. Mr Miracle just doesn’t have the super strength or hand to hand skills that Big Barda has. Though they were comrades for a long time Big Barda’s always stayed a couple dozen steps ahead of Mr Miracle. Big Barda wins.

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Wonder Woman vs Big Barda

Wonder Woman and Big Barda have fought too a draw in the past, but in a real fight I say that Big Barda wouldn’t be able too win. She’s strong, but Wonder Woman has better hand too hand skills and can out power her. Big Barda is tough, but not as tough as Wonder Woman in the end. One day Big Barda may fight again…and win! Wonder Woman wins.