Master of Games vs Pyrrha Nikos

Suggested by Destroyer The Master of Games was a pretty fun villain in Teen Titans. He may not be the most popular guy around and his copy ability isn’t the most original, but it’s definitely a classic. He won’t be able to keep up with Pyrrha’s speed either way though and her precision with a sword/lance/unique weapon will be too much for him. He’ll get combo’d quite a few times before eventually conceding defeat. This just isn’t a fight that he can win. Pyrrha Nikos wins.

Kevin 11 vs Master of Games

The Master of Games is tough and he’s obtained several powers, but will he be able to stop Kevin 11? Kevin 11 has his Ultimate Form and in the alternate future, he was a true threat. He has decent super speed and super strength, as well as fire and thunder abilities. The Master of Games’s two main powers would be the Sonic Cannon and fire blasts as well, but he doesn’t have enough abilities to take Kevin 11 down for the count. Kevin 11 wins.

Master of Games vs One Above All

The One Above All is definitely a being to be feared and he’s known as quite possibly, the strongest being in all of media! He’s definitely not an opponent to be taken lightly, but he’s lost a lot of battles on the blog. While his reputation is still pretty strong, I wouldn’t take him to win this round. Master of Games wins.

Master of Games vs Slade

This is definitely a pretty close battle. Slade’s much quicker than the Master of Games and his sword skills will definitely be his biggest edge. The Master of Games can fire off blasts of fire and water, not to mention that he can also shoot sonic blasts. The Master of Games is also a very experienced hand to hand combatant, but he definitely won’t be taking Slade down that way. Slade got some fire abilities from Trigon that will help him close the gap. I think that Slade will be able to manage a win in this round. Slade wins.