Diddy Kong vs Ness

Suggested by Sonic Diddy Kong has a lot of bananas at his disposal, but they won’t do much against Ness and his psychic powers. Ness can use his TK abilities to hold Diddy in place as he launches a PK flash. He can also just take the offensive by using his elemental spells until Diddy goes down. Diddy doesn’t have a lot of options in this match. He’s athletic enough to dodge a good number of attacks and yet he isn’t fast enough to completely get away from them either. This leads to him being in a really bad place where he is doomed either way. Ness wins.

Ganondorf vs Ness

Suggested by Sonic Ness is a PK master who can use the various elements for powerful spellcasting. His PK Flash is likely his greatest technique. Ganondorf has magical abilities as well, but his true power comes from his raw strength as well as his endurance. Ness will have a tough time taking him down for the count and staying out of his attack range. The kid doesn’t have enough speed feats to stay away and will ultimately fall here. Ganondorf wins.

Ninetails (Pokemon) vs Ness

Suggested by Sonic Ninetails (Pokemon) is a pretty cool Pokemon. She’s known as one of the more elegant ones who knows how to win a fight without putting forth an effort. Ness has his Kamehameha wave which is definitely his best technique, but otherwise I don’t think his speed will be quite enough to win this round. Ninetails can fight using fire or ice depending on which version she is, but either way her agility stays at a very high level. Eventually her long range abilities would deal enough damage to claim victory. Ninetails (Pokemon) wins.

Bowser Jr vs Ness

Suggested by Sonic Bowser Jr is a pretty tough kid who also has some nice abilities at his disposal thanks to the paint brush. That being said, he’s still not one of the stronger characters out there. He would be almost completely helpless against Ness’ various PK abilities like fire and flash. I don’t think this Koopaling would be able to dodge and his attacks will have a hard time landing since Ness is quite fast as well. A quick Final Smash will blast Bowser Jr over the horizon with ease. You just can’t counter that kind of energy. Ness wins.

Ness vs Alakazam

Suggested by Sonic Ness is a tough kid with several PK powers at his disposal. It would likely be tough for Alakazam to manipulate him due to Ness’ own psychic abilities. That being said, Alakazam still has the edge here with his large array of moves. He can use dozens of different Pokemon moves and I’d also argue that he is faster than Ness. That will let him throw out enough moves to keep Ness off balanced and eventually the hits will start to add up. Then that’ll be the end of the fight. Alakazam wins.

Ness vs Link

Suggested by Destroyer Ness is a pretty talented kid. He has mastered the various pk powers at his disposal and can turn any object into a weapon. That being said, he will still have a tough time getting past Link’s formidable arsenal of weapons and battle experience. It’ll definitely give Link the edge in this fight and his Skyward Slice is something Ness will definitely want to dodge. Link wins.

Kiva vs Ness

Kiva is back once again, but he won’t be able to cope with the psychic powers that Ness has at his disposal. Thanks to the Super Smash games, Ness has perfected just about every kind of PK ability including Flash, Thunder, and Fire. Kiva will have to keep his distance, but the PK Meteors will eventually track him down and end the fight. Kiva would need to be a quite a bit faster if he wants to dodge them all. Ness wins.

Alpha (Spiderman) vs Ness

Alpha (Spiderman) has a decent amount of super powers at his disposal and even Captain America/Spiderman feared his abilities. That being said, Ness can absorb the brunt of Alpha’s energy attacks and counter with his own projectiles. Alpha has a decent amount of super strength and speed, but I haven’t seen anything that makes me think it’ll be enough to win this fight. Ness wins.

Jeff vs Ness

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Jeff is pretty good when he has his rockets at the ready, but that won’t be enough to close the gap between these two fighters. Ness has a lot of elemental attacks on his side and they can deal some pretty massive damage to a wide area. One solid hit would take Jeff out of the fight. Ness wins.

Toon Link vs Ness

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Ness is back and now he’s up against a pretty fierce opponent in the form of Toon Link. Toon Link’s shield will come in handy to block Ness’ thunder and fire attacks so that will just leave the large meteors and the focused energy blast for him to dodge. I believe that Toon Link is up to the task, at least long enough for him to fire off some light arrows. Toon Link wins.