Ninetails (Pokemon) vs Ness

Suggested by Sonic Ninetails (Pokemon) is a pretty cool Pokemon. She’s known as one of the more elegant ones who knows how to win a fight without putting forth an effort. Ness has his Kamehameha wave which is definitely his best technique, but otherwise I don’t think his speed will be quite enough to win this round. Ninetails can fight using fire or ice depending on which version she is, but either way her agility stays at a very high level. Eventually her long range abilities would deal enough damage to claim victory. Ninetails (Pokemon) wins.

Ninetails (Pokemon) vs Renamon

Renamon vs Ninetails
Ninetails (Pokemon) is a pretty tough pokemon who can fire off a mean hyper beam, but in the end it may not be enough to win this round. Renamon has some pretty tough digievolutions of her own after all. In the end Ninetails (Pokemon) takes the loss, but at least he put up a decent fight. Renamon wins.