Ken vs Wario

Suggested by Sonic Wario has his Wario Man form at the ready in case things get hairy. Still, that won’t save him from Ken’s attacks. Being able to fly does help Wario keep his distance, but eventually he’ll need to close in and that’s when Ken will be victorious. Ken’s significantly better in close quarter combat than Wario to the point where he can win many different ways. Wario won’t be able to anticipate Ken’s moves ahead of time. Ken wins.

Koume vs Ken

Suggested by Sonic Koume is a pretty skilled witch who has fire abilities. That’s not bad, but it’s not the best match against Ken since he seems to handle himself just fine with the flames. Ken may not be the powerhouse that Ryu is, but he’s definitely still skilled enough to win this match. Koume will quickly find herself outmatched here as Ken uses the Shoryuken to claim victory. Ken wins.

Ken vs Roy

Roy is back to take Ken down. Ken may be a decent hand to hand fighter when the chips are down, but there’s no way that he can deal with someone like Roy. Roy’s fire attacks will simply be too much for Ken and he is also a more experienced fighter. Ken’s quick cling to fame is already over and it’s time for him to be knocked down the ranks. At least he shall be remembered. Roy wins.

Larry Appleton vs Ken

Larry Appleton is back and he’s up against a fairly fierce competitor this time. Ken isn’t your average fighter and I dare say that he’s stronger than you may think. He looks like a pretty tough guy and you can certainly count on the fact that his punches will be felt. Larry isn’t usually much of a fighter and he will be overwhelmed here. Ken wins.