Tournament Smashers Episode 48 Superman Prime vs Vegeta

The next battle is now upon us!

Superman Prime was punching out every mirror that he could find. He figured that eventually he would find the mirror that connected all of reality once more. In the past he had shattered it and completely changed the past of the whole multiverse. Now that the multiverse had grown and spread out into many more universes, Superman Prime was ready to destroy them all.

He quickly punched a mirror so hard that whole buildings shattered. The occupants calmly evacuated the city and then went about their business as usual. Superman Prime roared with power and prepared to fly around so quickly that the Earth would fall out of orbit. “Enough, you bore me with your pitiful display of power,” Vegeta sneered as he landed in front of Superman Prime. “Why I oughta…..” Superman Prime complained as he whipped his arm back and prepared to deliver a devastating punch. Vegeta punched Superman Prime to the ground before he could release the shot.

“How’d you do that?” Superman Prime asked as he got back up. That punch had hurt more than the time Superman Prime has gotten in the middle of 2 Super Stars exploding. “I’m a Saiyan elite!” Vegeta answered, since that phrase was always enough to make his opponent tremble with fear. As always, the line worked. Superman Prime started to backup. “If Goku’s only a Saiyan who was raised on Earth…then your power must be insane!” Superman Prime yelled as he flew away at top speed. “Not so fast,” Vegeta said as he flew past Prime and stopped in front of him. “Goku managed to defeat Superman and I hear that you’re much stronger than him,” Vegeta started as he powered up. “Yeah, I’m at least 3X stronger than that kryptonian, but what of it?” Superman Prime declared as he backed up a little.

“Then I’m going to defeat you and claim my first victory in the Tournament Smashers!” Vegeta exclaimed as he punched Superman Prime into the earth. Superman Prime didn’t want to get up, but Vegeta’s rapidly approaching figure made him change his mind. Superman Prime jumped out of the way and he shot a solid blast of Heat Vision. The blast didn’t seem to affect Vegeta as he grabbed Superman Prime and punched him to the ground. Prime got back up and threw a good punch, but Vegeta parried the attack and kicked him into the air.

Superman Prime shot another round of Heat Vision, but Vegeta just flew right through it and punched Prime even higher into the air. Superman Prime knew that he would lose if he got hit by a few more shots and he quickly charged all of his energy into one last punch. As Vegeta approached him, Superman Prime let lose with a solid attack. Vegeta saw the shockwave that came from the punch and he could easily dodge it, but it would end up tearing a hole straight through earth and most likely rip a hole in the fabric of reality. Vegeta quickly started charging up his Final Flash. His hair transformed from black to golden yellow. “FINAL FLASH!” Vegeta yelled as he fired a large yellow beam that enveloped the shockwave and kept on going to Superman Prime. “NOOOOOOO!” Superman Prime yelled as the beam hit him.

Superman Prime rolled with the hit and then put on his full speed. He couldn’t win this round, but perhaps he could escape. Superman Prime navigated through mountains and a lot of other tough terrain in the hopes that it would slow Vegeta down. He had no luck and Vegeta just flew right into all of the obstacles. They shattered upon contact and Vegeta was catching up with him.

“I won’t go down!” Superman Prime yelled as he quickly changed course and flew straight up. Vegeta gave pursuit and charged up an energy ball in one hand. While flying, Vegeta released the attack and it hit Superman Prime. Prime was blasted up and it also increased his speed. He fell into the sun and then the sun started to shake. “SUCH POWER!” Superman Prime yelled as he flew out of the sun.

“My power is invincible!” Superman Prime exclaimed as he punched Vegeta with all of his might. His arm broke and then Vegeta grabbed him. “Let me show you a real punch,” he said as he punched Superman Prime all the way to the moon. The blow knocked Superman Prime out immediately. Satisfied that he had won the round, Vegeta headed back to earth. He was ready for a feast befitting a man of his position. Later on, Superman Prime woke up. “What happened?” He wondered as he flew off into the distance. All he knew was that he was still invincible and that last battle must’ve been a nasty dream. Superman Prime saw a golden warrior flying away. “I’ve got to catch him!” Superman Prime thought as he gave pursuit.

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