Dante vs Vergil

Suggested by Anonymous Dante and Vergil are always pretty evenly matched. They’ve got a similar skillset and super forms. That being said, I have to actually give Vergil the slight edge overall. Anything Dante can do, Vergil can match and then some. I’d say that he has the higher skill ceiling and he’s proven many times that he has what it takes to defeat Dante. With these rivals the outcome can always go either way, but I think Vergil would win more times than not. He’s just not the kind of guy to take a loss. Vergil wins.

Vergil vs Shallot

Shallot has returned and he’s up against a pretty formidable opponent. Vergil can move at high speeds and he also has a good amount of regeneration going for him. When facing an opponent like this Shallot will have to be sure to destroy every part of him. That should be no problem for this powerful Saiyan though. Shallot has only just begun to get stronger and his rapid improvement has already allowed him to overtake Vergil. Shallot wins.

Akame vs Vergil


Suggested by Random Vergil is definitely a very strong opponent who has a considerable amount of speed. This won’t be an easy fight for Akame and in many ways their fighting styles are pretty similar. At the same time, I do think Akame is the faster fighter here and her sword strikes are definitely fast enough to hurt Vergil. It’ll be a very close fight that could go either way, but I think Vergil will be able to outlast her. Vergil wins.

Vergil vs Esdeath


Suggested by Random Vergil has always been a very tough opponent for Dante. His skills are at their peak and seriously injuring Vergil is difficult. It would take fast but heavy attacks that keep on striking until he is down. This is something that Esdeath could certainly pull off, but I think her speed isn’t enough to get past his reaction times. Her ice skills are unmatched but in Vergil’s final form he would just slice through it all. Vergil wins.