Ex-Aid vs Shallot

Ex-Aid is a powerful fighter. He’s pretty agile and can fight from either a distance or up close and personal. That won’t matter much against an opponent like Shallot though. Shallot is just considerably stronger than Ex-Aid to the point where this won’t be much of a match. None of Ex-Aid’s attacks are likely going to hurt Shallot and I doubt any of them would be fast enough to hit him either. This is just a blowout. Shallot wins.

Shantae vs Shallot

Shantae is a skilled pirate, but she won’t be able to handle a Super Saiyan as powerful as Shallot. Shallot has his Wild Cannon which is an energy blast so powerful that few can hope to stand up to it. Even Shantae’s genie abilities will only buy her a little time at best. Shallot has a commanding edge in power as well as speed and that’s not something that is easily overcome. Shallot wins.

Vergil vs Shallot

Shallot has returned and he’s up against a pretty formidable opponent. Vergil can move at high speeds and he also has a good amount of regeneration going for him. When facing an opponent like this Shallot will have to be sure to destroy every part of him. That should be no problem for this powerful Saiyan though. Shallot has only just begun to get stronger and his rapid improvement has already allowed him to overtake Vergil. Shallot wins.

Belnika vs Shallot

Belnika was off to a pretty good start with her opening two victories, but it’s time for her to take a loss. She is a talented fighter who moves with great speed and precision. Her attacks will always leave a dent, but Shallot has now gained the ability to become a Super Saiyan. He won’t go down very easily at this point and with a single attack he can destroy a planet. There’s no way for Belnika to avoid such an attack. Shallot wins.

Goku vs Shallot

Shallot is the main character of the recent Dragon Ball Legends game. He definitely seems like he will be a tough opponent down the road, but at the moment he can’t hope to compete with a fighter as powerful as this Saiyan. Goku can transform and shatter his limits many times over. As of this moment, Shallot can’t even go Super Saiyan. Goku wins.