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Ex-Aid vs Shallot

Ex-Aid is a powerful fighter. He’s pretty agile and can fight from either a distance or up close and personal. That won’t matter much against an opponent like Shallot though. Shallot is just considerably stronger than Ex-Aid to the point where this won’t be much of a match. None of Ex-Aid’s attacks are likely going to hurt Shallot and I doubt any of them would be fast enough to hit him either. This is just a blowout. Shallot wins.

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Blade (Kamen Rider) vs Ex-Aid

Suggested by Anonymous Blade certainly sounds like the cooler name so you’d think that he would have the edge but Ex-Aid’s stats are actually a lot better. He literally beats Blade in every single stat which doesn’t bode well for that guy’s chances. Both of them have many super forms and power ups to choose from, but at the end of the day Ex-Aid’s are just better. This won’t be an easy fight by any means, but I don’t believe the victor will ever have been in doubt. Ex-Aid wins.