Blade (Kamen Rider) vs Ex-Aid

Suggested by Anonymous Blade certainly sounds like the cooler name so you’d think that he would have the edge but Ex-Aid’s stats are actually a lot better. He literally beats Blade in every single stat which doesn’t bode well for that guy’s chances. Both of them have many super forms and power ups to choose from, but at the end of the day Ex-Aid’s are just better. This won’t be an easy fight by any means, but I don’t believe the victor will ever have been in doubt. Ex-Aid wins.


2 thoughts on “Blade (Kamen Rider) vs Ex-Aid

  1. Ex-Aid has a form called ‘Hyper Muteki,’ which means ‘invincible gamer.’ With this form, he was fast enough to hit Kamen Rider Chronos EXACTLY 126 times in the span of 8 seconds, plus it makes him immune to Pause, (which stops time for as long as he wants) the signature ability of Chronos. Not only that, but Ex-Aid is immune to damage in this state, meaning Blade could not do more than just push him around if that. This is a curbstomp if I ever saw one. He also has a form called ‘Maximum mighty gamer,’ and it has the power to fly, shoot lasers from its eyes, and can stretch its limbs drastically.

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