Dizzy vs Akame

Suggested by iKnowledge Dizzy’s array of abilities have quite a bit of variety. This allows her to get in close with some good hand to hand attacks or stay at mid range which is her specialty. Her durability is also very high which is handy for taking direct blows. That said, as Akame fights with a sword that negates the durability advantage to a great extent. Dizzy just won’t be able to survive getting hit too many times and Akame’s blistering speed will prevent Dizzy from dodging. This is not a fight that I expect Dizzy can win. Akame wins.

Ino (Gear) vs Dizzy

Ino is a tough fighter in her own right and having control over time is always a plus. That being said, Dizzy is easily one of the strongest characters in the entire Guilty Gear series and Ino is heavily outmatched. Dizzy surpasses her in super speed, strength, and regeneration. I just don’t see this being a close match in the end. Dizzy wins.