Zamasu vs Akame

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Suggested by Random Zamasu is back for another round as he takes on the speedy Akame. Akame is very good at neutralizing her opponents and proving that speed is still a very potent weapon. Of course, it is nullified in this matchup since Zamasu is considerably faster than Akame. Akame also won’t be able to match him in destructive power. Zamasu wins.

Raiden vs Akame

Suggested by Random Raiden is a very fast fighter and that will help him stay alive against Akame. Raiden is easily one of the strongest Metal Gear characters and he could very well be the absolute best. What will give him some trouble here is that Akame’s speed may still be greater than his. He’ll put up a great fight and his defense will ensure that the match comes down to the last hit, but I believe Akame will be able to put him away. Her berserk mode and speed are just enough to give her the edge. Akame wins.

Archimonde vs Akame

Suggested by Random Archimonde is a durable guy since he is made of a stone like substance. Of course, it isn’t quite strong enough to protect him from Akame’s blade so he may as well be a normal human. Akame will dash around all of his attacks and land a lethal blow in the end. It won’t even take that long since Akame is definitely not lacking in striking power. Akame wins.

Akame vs Monsoon

Suggested by Random Monsoon is a fairly powerful cyborg. He has a degree of super strength and speed. His fighting abilities are also on point so this isn’t a free win for Akame. That being said, her speed is greater still and her sword can inflict lethal damage. Akame is strong enough to pierce the cyborg and Monsoon won’t be able to defend against it. The cyborg just won’t be able to keep up with her. Akame wins.

Samuel Rodrigues vs Akame

Suggested by Random Samuel Rodrigues is a pretty strong fighter. The fact that he was able to keep up with Raiden despite not having a great deal of enhancements just serves to reinforce that point. That being said, Akame is still a whole lot faster than Sam. She’ll be ale to slice away at his health and he won’t be able to properly counter attack. In a battle of master sword fighters like this one, speed is very important and Akame has Sam’s number in this area. Akame wins.

Akame vs Kisame

Suggested by Random Kisame is a good swordsman but that won’t be enough to deal with Akame. Her speed is far greater than that of Kisame and she also has good technique with her swings. Kisame just won’t be able to stop her legion of blows and not even his final form will help to save him. Kisame is actually pretty powerful so a few good swings could deal a lot of damage but he is just too slow. Akame wins.

Dante vs Akame

Requested by Random Dante went on a bit of a role recently, but he has met his match against Alame. His healing factor will certainly pose a bit of a problem for her, but her sword strikes will eventually wear him down. Her sheer speed is the critical factor here as she should be able to dodge his attacks and counter with her own. Her blows can definitely damage him, at least in her awakened mode. He won’t have any real way to retaliate and will eventually go down for the count. It won’t be a short battle, nor will it be am easy one. However, Akame will pull through in the end. Akame wins.

Sans vs Akame

Suggested by Random Sans is a tricky fellow, but he’s not all that great in close quarters combat. Akame has the massive advantage in this match up as she can run rings around Sans and also crush him with brute strength. Sans feels completely out of his league here, although he’s got a nice dance rhythm going on. It just won’t be enough to defeat this master assassin. Hopefully the Undertale villain will manage to grab a win soon enough. Akame wins.

Deathwing vs Akame

Deathwing is an incredibly powerful dragon who can cause earthquakes and is apparently strong enough to rip open volcanic fissures. A single punch from this guy would deal some massive damage and we’re talking Kaiju level here folks. That being said, I’ve always believed that a speedster with a good weapon can always rise up to take down a powerhouse no matter how wide the gap is. Sure, there are exceptions, but I’d say that Akame has what it takes to lead the way to victory here. Deathwing may have lost his debut match, but I’m sure that he’ll be back. Akame wins.

Akame vs Baki

Akame has impressive speed stats at her disposal and that’s what wins the match here. If you want me to be completely accurate, it would be better to say that it is one main reason why she wins. Akame’s raw power is also a lot greater than Baki’s. Baki is a decent sand ninja and he can perform some decent combos so he is no slouch. It is just not enough to win this round. Akame wins.