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Dante vs Akame

Requested by Random Dante went on a bit of a role recently, but he has met his match against Alame. His healing factor will certainly pose a bit of a problem for her, but her sword strikes will eventually wear him down. Her sheer speed is the critical factor here as she should be able to dodge his attacks and counter with her own. Her blows can definitely damage him, at least in her awakened mode. He won’t have any real way to retaliate and will eventually go down for the count. It won’t be a short battle, nor will it be am easy one. However, Akame will pull through in the end. Akame wins.

19 thoughts on “Dante vs Akame”

  1. Nope inaccurate. Dante is now sub relativistic in speed while Akame is only low hypersonic. Dante also tanked country busting meteors from Mundus as well as re entry afterwards. He can also slow time to a near freeze with quicksilver to stop Akame from moving. He also overpowered Abigail whose portal released enough energy to vaporize every cloud over North America, something that not even multiple nukes can replicate. Akame is only building level with her sword while an earlier version of Dante destroyed a giant hell gate with one punch and now he is continent level to multi continent when in Majin form. Akame has only one weapon while Dante has a wide variety of demonic abilities and weapons. She is outclassed badly.

    1. I looked through the Dante fights and he is certainly very powerful and fast, but I think you’re slightly overrating him here though. Akame looked much faster in her fight against Esdeath. This may just be a case of an anime making everyone that much stronger as per usual, but I definitely don’t see Dante coming close to keeping up with her speed.

      1. You’re right that the anime made them look faster since DMC games were made earlier with worser graphics. The fact is Dante has reacted and moved at sub relativistic speeds with DT increasing his speed. His base durability is still far above Akame’s sword strikes.

      2. It’s definitely a big disadvantage for characters who don’t have a really big high budget anime to back them up. Dante’s definitely fast, but as a result, his actual combat speed doesn’t seem like it’ll be enough and Akame’s striking power was enough to shatter Esdeath’s ice so I’m confident that it will deal a lot of damage.

      3. Nah. He tanked a meteor that could level a small country without any damage in a cutscene. That’s not even accounting him destroying a skyscraper sized hellgate several kilometers away with a sword swing. And yes he blitzed Argosax, outsped near lightspeed energy attacks from Arius, Mundus and Argosax. Also his healing factor is insane so being crushed, impaled by demonic spikes and his own sword doesn’t even inconvenience him. It should also be known that Dante at his weakest pre-devil powers could swing his sword fast enough to obliterate every raindrop around him, making it 108000 raindrops a second at least. He has insane accuracy, being able to stack his bullets like a train upon shooting them. Akame is outclassed.

      4. His durability is great, but tanking general blasts and structures doesn’t mean that his skin is sturdy enough to withstand Akame’s slices. Those are stab attacks so they should be able to breach his defenses and really deal some solid damage in. The healing factor is the biggest issue that gets in Akame’s way since she would have to keep hitting him for a while to keep Dante down. I do think that it is within her abilities to do so though.

      5. You haven’t provided an argument for how her ‘speed’ can match Dante’s speed with his early level raindrop feat.

      6. Check out her fight against Esdeath. Again, I’d say that her combat speed is a lot better than Dante’s. Taking down all of those drops was definitely super impressive and a rather crazy feat, but he wouldn’t be able to keep up with Akame’s blinding fury.

      7. Nope too slow. Raindrop feat is early level Dante like he was in his kid Goku period. He’s gotten way faster from then.

      8. Dante at his youngest after he just awoke his demonic side.

        The games are actually in the order 3,1,4,2 because DMC3 is when Dante is at his youngest and 2 is his oldest. The speed you see up there is his youngest incarnation and he has gotten way faster from then.

      9. Hm, that actually was pretty impressive and in combat so it’s not to be taken lightly. I’ll do some more digging on the two of them. If Akame never got any more power ups after the initial fight than Dante may have a case here. It’s still really close though.

      10. Skip to 1:36 of the video for the speed feat and sword speed. Akame is speedy…compared to a meager superhuman level being.

  2. Well the creator of Akame Ga Kill stated that the series was close to its end and that Akame’s trump card/Awakening form was the only thing she had left unlike Tatsumi who got one or two more power boosts. Besides her attack potency was listed at building level, while Dante’s is now at least continent level mainly because of his devil trigger explosion attack in anime which overpowered a demon lord with country level durability.

  3. Unless Dante lets Akame strike him with Murasame and the whole poison is another debate all together I understand it kills anyone with the heart. Akame has great speed and reaction wise she did react to lightning but other than that Dante outclasses her literally at everything: strength, durability (although his base form skin isn’t immune to be sliced in general), additional special abilities that put Esdeath to shame yes even her Russian winter form.

    You are making a margin of error by focusing on one attribute Akame is good at the expense of other abilities. That is rather bit unfair perspective.

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