The BioLizard vs Zamasu

Suggested by Sonic The BioLizard is one of the most powerful monsters around. It took the combined power of both Super Sonic and Super Shadow in order to take him down. That’s not an easy feat no matter who the fighter is. That being said, Zamasu is an opponent who can shatter entire universes. It won’t be hard for him to just blast The BioLizard out of the star system with a single blow. At that point it’ll be game over. Zamasu wins.

Mori Hui vs Zamasu

Mori Hui may be a clone but he ended up being the best character in God of High School. That being said, he’s not quite approaching the levels of power that Zamasu has displayed. Zamasu would be able to crush Mori Hui in close range combat or overwhelm him with long range options. Both would work with ease and while Hui has solid defenses, they would crumble here. Zamasu wins.

Broly vs Zamasu

Suggested by Random It’s time for a battle of titans. Zamasu is an incredibly powerful being who was able to surpass Super Saiyan Blue. It took a fusion to stop him much like it also took a fusion for Broly. Zamasu’s regeneration will help make up for the gap in power between these two fighters, but it simply won’t be enough. Regeneration always has a limit and as long as Broly doesn’t let up in his onslaught of attacks it won’t be a problem. Broly will just be sure to completely obliterate Zamasu to the point where he can’t come back from the damage. Broly wins.

Zamasu vs Goku

Zamasu is one of the strongest Dragon Ball characters of all time! His power is unprecedented and the same goes for all of his other stats. There are very few fighters in all of the cosmos who can stand up to him. Fortunately for Goku he is one of them. Goku’s power level is almost infinite and he grows stronger with each new arc. He has his Vegito and Gogeta forms at the ready as well so while Zamasu will put up a good fight, Goku will be able to win this round. Goku wins.

Zamasu vs Bass

Zamasu got himself quite a few wins. He’ll certainly be in good standing on the overall rankings. That being said, there is always someone stronger. That saying has always proven to be true with one exception and it’s something for all fighters to keep in mind. As strong and fast as Zamasu is, Bass is even greater in those fields. Bass is second to none as a fighter and he’ll continue to prove that as he racks up more and more wins. Bass wins.

Zamasu vs One Above All

Suggested by Anon Zamasu is a pretty powerful DBS villain and quite possibly one of the strongest characters in all of media. At the very least, I would make that argument. He is up against the One Above All though so we certainly can’t call this a free win. This is a fight of cosmic proportion after all. Still, Zamasu has proven that he can fight with opponents like Goku and come out on top. Few can match such a feat and the upper limits of his strength are quite high. Zamasu wins.

Zamasu vs Yajirobe

Suggested by Anonymous Yajirobe is one of those DBZ characters who was effectively written out of the show after the Saiyan Saga. As a result, his power level stayed stagnant while other characters grew stronger. Right now Zamasu could easily end Yajirobe in a single hit. There just wouldn’t be any way to defend against it. Zamasu wins.

Moka Akaishiya vs Zamasu

Suggested by Random Another vampire is here to fight Zamasu by the name of Moka. She is pretty powerful and can use her speed well to try and get the upper hand, but Zamasu is still in another league. His power is near absolute and he can just incinerate the whole planet with a single move. There’s not really much Moka can do about that which is why the whole fight will be pretty sad for her. Zamasu wins.

Zamasu vs Bulma

Suggested by Anonymous Bulma is a genius but she never used her great intellect to figure out how to fight and teach everyone a lesson. Since she is limited to machines, she stands no chance against him. Zamasu can destroy any machine with a single blast and he could also fly rings around them. That’s why he cannot be defeated by at least 97% of all media. Zamasu wins.

Tsukune Aono vs Zamasu

Suggested by Random It’s time for a new character. Tsukune is from Rosario Vampire and he’s actually pretty strong. His physical stats are really impressive and he’s had a few super forms which have really gotten his abilities to a new level. That being said, he’ll still have quite a bit of trouble against someone as strong as Zamasu. Zamasu is just a little too powerful and won’t be losing to any vampires. Zamasu wins.