Zamasu vs Goku

Zamasu is one of the strongest Dragon Ball characters of all time! His power is unprecedented and the same goes for all of his other stats. There are very few fighters in all of the cosmos who can stand up to him. Fortunately for Goku he is one of them. Goku’s power level is almost infinite and he grows stronger with each new arc. He has his Vegito and Gogeta forms at the ready as well so while Zamasu will put up a good fight, Goku will be able to win this round. Goku wins.

3 thoughts on “Zamasu vs Goku

  1. I recently watched the Dragon Ball Super episodes where Goku and Vegeta fused to be Vegito Blue. I think if Vegita had tons of energy without being separated, they could defeat Zamasu. However, based on what I seen, Zamasu is invincible and no matter how much damage he takes, he heals.

    • Yeah without a fused form Goku may be out of luck here. I think he could probably take the win in his final Super Saiyan White mode, but otherwise that regeneration is hard to get around. To compensate for that, Goku developed a disintegration technique in the manga which certainly came in handy. Those Super episodes with Zamasu were definitely awesome though

      • Yeah of Goku used the powers he learned from fighting Jiren, he could take on Zamasu at ease in god level. I can’t wait to read more of the manga to see this new technique. I bought the first vol of DBS. Zamasu is a tough cookie for Goku and Vegeta.

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