Moka Akaishiya vs Zamasu

Suggested by Random Another vampire is here to fight Zamasu by the name of Moka. She is pretty powerful and can use her speed well to try and get the upper hand, but Zamasu is still in another league. His power is near absolute and he can just incinerate the whole planet with a single move. There’s not really much Moka can do about that which is why the whole fight will be pretty sad for her. Zamasu wins.

Ryoma vs Moka Akaishiya

Ryoma has a tennis ball that he can use to take down Moka in one hit. Moka can try to use her hidden vampire form to win, but she won’t be able to win. She’s just not quite tough enough. Ryoma wins.

Update 8 7 2020 Moka is too fast and strong to lose here. Moka Akaishiya wins.