Sasuke vs Akame

Suggested by Ben 11 Akame and Sasuke are both very skilled swordfighters who rely on their speed to dominate their opponents. Akame may even be able to keep up with Sasuke to an extent but that’s really where she will hit her limits as a fighter. Sasuke has many big advantages over her such as his ninjutsu and Sharingan abilities. She would have to fight him while at a big disadvantage since he will continue to grow stronger and more accustomed to her moves as they fight. Ultimately she would fall. Sasuke wins.

12 thoughts on “Sasuke vs Akame

  1. i don’t know akame sword is 1 hit kill the guy also said it’s itachi fight sasuke and sasuke best speed feats is runing away from amaterasu and amaterasu is faster than sound and akame bast speed feat dodgeing lightening i think she win low to mid dif because of the 1 hit kill and her speed

    • It automatically turns composite though but even without that I don’t think Akame is quite fast enough for this. She would end up meeting her match against the Uchiha power

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