Akame vs Goku

Suggested by Random Akame is a talented sword fighter and her speed is quite impressive. She has won many battles with her impressive talents. That being said, she is outmatched against an opponent as formidable as Goku. He can end the whole solar system in a single shot if he so desires. There really isn’t much Akame can do to combat that. Goku wins.


7 thoughts on “Akame vs Goku

    • That sword is definitely powerful so if Goku let his guard drop for an instant it could certainly turn the tables. He’s really fast in his new Ultra Super Saiyan mode though so it’ll be tough to tag him

      • He was even able to unlock it again in the latest episode so he may be gearing up for yet another form. Super has really been going all out lately

      • Ah, well that’s the original SSJG mode. They retconned that in the show so now he can do it like a normal transformation. After that, Goku learned the Super version of the God mode. Then in the latest episodes he learned the Ultra version of that which is called Ultra Instinct. The show just keeps on adding more and more Super Saiyan levels

      • Wow that’s cool. Goku seems to be getting stronger and stronger every episode. It’s a matter of time until he reaches god level like Beerus.

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