Caulifla vs Endorsi

Endorsi is one of the Princesses of Jahad so naturally she has a lot of great abilities. She can fight and move with the best of them but the problem is that Saiyans are even more impressive. In her base mode Caulifla would be able to end the planet. In her Kefla form she could easily wipe out the universe. That means there is no escape from these attacks and Endorsi isn’t strong enough to wipe out Caulifla before such an attack can be fired. Caulifla wins.

Anak vs Endorsi

Anak is very skilled of course so she can always be expected to put up a good fight but she’s not going to win this match. At the end of the day Endorsi still beats her in most if not all stats so Anak is on the defensive from the start. Her weapon beats anything at Endorsi’s disposal except perhaps for her teleport but Endorsi can just yank the Green April out of her hand. Endorsi wins.

Serena Rinnen vs Endorsi

Serena was a nice person in the Tower, but her fighting ability wasn’t close to that of some of the more powerful members. Endorsi would easily crush Serena in a fight because her abilities surpass that of any normal human. Whether or not she has an ignition weapon, Endorsi’s incredible speed and punishing power would make this a very fast fight. Serena’s best be there would be to forfeit. Endorsi wins.