Rei Sakigake vs Anak

Suggested by Sonic Rei Sakigake has a lot of good cards at her disposal and is a strong fighter but at the end of the day I don’t see her taking Anak down in this fight. Anak is quicker and while the sheer numbers can prove to be a bit troublesome, Anak should be able to bypass most of them with relative ease and then land a knockout blow against Rei. Rei doesn’t have the durability needed to endure attacks like that and so she will go down really quickly. Anak wins.

Anak vs Endorsi

Anak is very skilled of course so she can always be expected to put up a good fight but she’s not going to win this match. At the end of the day Endorsi still beats her in most if not all stats so Anak is on the defensive from the start. Her weapon beats anything at Endorsi’s disposal except perhaps for her teleport but Endorsi can just yank the Green April out of her hand. Endorsi wins.

Shibisu vs Anak

Shibisu is back for another loss. Look, he’s a fun character but he is completely outmatched against a lot of the fighters here. He really would not be able to stand up to Anak for any period of time. Her weapon can strike him down from any distance and he is outmatched in both speed and power. At that point what can he possibly to do make a comeback? Anak wins.