Shibisu vs Chucky

This is a tribute to Child’s Play. Chucky is a tough puppet of course but he’s still going to get rocked here. Put it this way, Shibisu is a self proclaimed master of the killing arts. He isn’t super strong but has basic hand to hand combat skills which is more than what Chucky has. At the end of the day Chucky wasn’t even able to take out a kid so what chance does he have against a man? Shibisu wins.

Shibisu vs Anak

Shibisu is back for another loss. Look, he’s a fun character but he is completely outmatched against a lot of the fighters here. He really would not be able to stand up to Anak for any period of time. Her weapon can strike him down from any distance and he is outmatched in both speed and power. At that point what can he possibly to do make a comeback? Anak wins.

Shibisu vs Bam

Shibisu is a decent tactician. To his credit, the guy can work out a plan and execute it well, but at the end of the day that isn’t quite enough to take on someone who is essentially pure power. Bam would be able to easily overpower him thanks to the wonders of Shinsu and the fact that Bam is just a gifted fighter. He should be able to win the day in a matter of moments. Bam wins.