Ban vs Bam

Suggested by Sonic Ban’s Achilles is a very powerful LBX but he isn’t ready to fight a shinso master like Bam. Bam has enough energy output to easily destroy any of Ban’s robots with a single strike. Additionally, Bam typically limits his powers but when he goes all out his abilities multiply many times over. Ban would need a significant power up to stay in the fight. Bam wins.

Jiren vs Bam

Bam is incredibly powerful as you would expect from the main character of a long running series. He would give many fighters a good battle but that’s not going to be the case with Jiren. Jiren’s abilities are absolutely crazy to the point where his barrier may be able to repel all of Bam’s attacks. Even Goku was unable to breach that barrier for a long time. Jiren won’t even need to get serious this time. Jiren wins.

Khun vs Bam

Khun is a great tactician. He could certainly think his way out of any puzzle and defeat Bam in a variety of mental games. In a physical fight though this will not be going very well for Khun. He is powerful but Bam’s just in a completely different league. Being the genius that he is, Khun would likely just forfeit as soon as the fight begins. Bam wins.

Shibisu vs Bam

Shibisu is a decent tactician. To his credit, the guy can work out a plan and execute it well, but at the end of the day that isn’t quite enough to take on someone who is essentially pure power. Bam would be able to easily overpower him thanks to the wonders of Shinsu and the fact that Bam is just a gifted fighter. He should be able to win the day in a matter of moments. Bam wins.