Rak Wraithraiser vs Khun

Rak Wraithraiser is a powerful fighter but I would make the case that Khun has always been faster. He’s demonstrated better speed and his attack power is lethal if he connects. Add in the Lighthouses he can manipulate and Rak isn’t really standing a chance in this fight. He would ultimately be overwhelmed. Khun wins.

Khun vs Bam

Khun is a great tactician. He could certainly think his way out of any puzzle and defeat Bam in a variety of mental games. In a physical fight though this will not be going very well for Khun. He is powerful but Bam’s just in a completely different league. Being the genius that he is, Khun would likely just forfeit as soon as the fight begins. Bam wins.

Rachel vs Khun

Rachel’s definitely a fun character to follow. Definitely not the nicest character around but you have to admit that she’s determined. Still, that goes double for Khun who thinks everything through so many times over that he has considered almost every scenario in every situation. He’s one of the ultimate quick thinkers around and can even fight hand to hand when needed. Rachel stands no chance against him. Khun wins.