Rei Sakigake vs Anak

Suggested by Sonic Rei Sakigake has a lot of good cards at her disposal and is a strong fighter but at the end of the day I don’t see her taking Anak down in this fight. Anak is quicker and while the sheer numbers can prove to be a bit troublesome, Anak should be able to bypass most of them with relative ease and then land a knockout blow against Rei. Rei doesn’t have the durability needed to endure attacks like that and so she will go down really quickly. Anak wins.

Homura Akemi vs Rei Sakigake

Homura Akemi has the ability to manipulate time. This gives her a decisive advantage over any opponent who wants to defeat her in one on one combat. Rei has some good skills in dueling and a decent deck but none of those cards can keep up with Homura. Homura has gone toe to toe against Mami, one of the strongest fighters in the Madoka series. Rei just can’t stop each shot and her deck will quickly be whittled down to nothing. Homura Akemi wins.

Rei Sakigake vs Stella Star

This is a tribute to Starcrash. While Stella did take down her share of opponents, she wasn’t quite powerful enough to evade the enemies for very long. Ultimately she won’t be able to stop a fighter as powerful as Rei either. Rei has several cards at her disposal to boost her attack power and speed. At that point, no human can stop her. Rei Sakigake wins.