Cthulhu vs Elsa

Suggested by Franklin Elsa has returned but will she be able to defeat Cthulhu? It’s a tough call because her ice attacks are formidable but I’m wondering how powerful they would be against a monster like this. The critical part is if she could keep him frozen and if she could keep up her ice attacks long enough. I have my doubts but she has had some good showings in the past. Meanwhile Cthulhu has had some poor showings holding him back vs his good ones. This is one I could easily see going back and forth but ultimately I believe Cthulhu would win more times than not. Cthulhu wins.

Will Vandom vs Cthulhu

Suggested by iKnowledge It’s time for the Cthulhu to return once more. He won’t be able to deal with Will’s array of energy based attacks though. Will is certainly a lot more powerful than you might expect at first glance. With her unique form of energy she can manipulate it to such an extent that her imagination is the only limit. She can fly and move at high enough speeds to dodge all of Cthulhu’s counters. This monster is powerful, but he won’t be able to land a hit and his durability isn’t high enough to survive for long. Will Vandom wins.

Heathcliff vs Cthulhu

Suggested by Sonic Heathcliff is a pretty powerful fighters and gave Kirito one of the lad’s toughest fights in the whole series. Cthulhu has a lot of raw power, but he isn’t fast enough to hope to do any real damage to Heathcliff. Moreover, Heathcliff’s shield will allow him to block any of Cthulhu’s attacks with ease. Lets face it, this giant monster isn’t really a match for such an esteemed swordsman. Speed wins battles. Heathcliff wins.

Luffy vs Cthulhu

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Suggested by iKnowledge It’s time for the mythical Cthulhu to take center stage. He gets a lot of hype in the mythos, but I’ve never been too impressed with the monster. I like the design and all, but is he really a match against someone like Luffy? Luffy has unlocked the second Gear and with that he can easily speed blitz just about any foe. I don’t think Cthulhu will be able to keep up with him nor will be able to endure Luffy’s punishing attacks. Luffy wins.