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Heathcliff vs Cthulhu

Suggested by Sonic Heathcliff is a pretty powerful fighters and gave Kirito one of the lad’s toughest fights in the whole series. Cthulhu has a lot of raw power, but he isn’t fast enough to hope to do any real damage to Heathcliff. Moreover, Heathcliff’s shield will allow him to block any of Cthulhu’s attacks with ease. Lets face it, this giant monster isn’t really a match for such an esteemed swordsman. Speed wins battles. Heathcliff wins.

Battles, Heathcliff Battles, Kirito Battles

Kirito vs Heathcliff

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Heathcliff is a pretty powerful fighter since his defensive abilities are very overpowered and practically aren’t fair within the Sword Art Online framework. That being said, Kirito has been shown to be skilled enough to get past this barrier. His sheer speed and strength are simply that far ahead of the pack and Heathcliff can’t hope to block fast enough. Attacks will always get through a defense eventually and this is no exception. Kirito wins.


Sword Art Online

After reading the first book in the series; I can safely say that Sword Art Online is off to a good start. Kirito is still pretty good for the most part and the concept of the franchise is still great. We’ll see if the series can keep it up and I shall have a review for it when I have finished reading all of the books. Overall 8/10