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Heathcliff vs Cthulhu

Suggested by Sonic Heathcliff is a pretty powerful fighters and gave Kirito one of the lad’s toughest fights in the whole series. Cthulhu has a lot of raw power, but he isn’t fast enough to hope to do any real damage to Heathcliff. Moreover, Heathcliff’s shield will allow him to block any of Cthulhu’s attacks with ease. Lets face it, this giant monster isn’t really a match for such an esteemed swordsman. Speed wins battles. Heathcliff wins.


4 thoughts on “Heathcliff vs Cthulhu”

  1. I think Cthulhu could win. Simply see my commentary on the “Luffy vs. Cthulhu” battle. S.A.O. and it’s successors still follow Boolean logic, something which Lovecraft laughs at. Heathcliff ends up going crazier than ever, such is Cthulhu’s power.

    1. Heathcliff is already pretty loopy though. His whole plan to ascend as a new kind of being was downright crazy. Only a madman would even risk such a thing, I think that will help him here

      1. Lovecraftian Madness is different from that. It makes you or us believe that the Universe is uncaring about us, and that offices, honors, riches, and all we hold dear make no sense given the existence of less-than-benevolent beings like Cthulhu.

      2. True, but I think Heathcliff could take that kind of mental damage and then some. He’s just a really tough guy at the end of the day

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