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Hirudegarn vs Shukaku

Suggested by Destroyer Hirudegarn is a powerful DBZ monster. While he may not have been quite as impressive as some of the humanoid foes, he is certainly one of the strongest monsters to ever walk the earth. Shukaku would be completely obliterated by his energy attacks. The speed difference between the two characters is considerable as well. Hirudegarn can teleport out of the way of any incoming attacks and then launch his counter offensive. Hirudegarn wins.

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Naruto vs Shukaku

Naruto has his Rasengans and can take down Shukaku with ease. Shukaku is just not strong enough to handle the immense power of Naruto. Naruto has taken down much tougher beings than Shukaku. Shukaku drops down the blog. Naruto wins.

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Shukaku vs Bones

Bones has phazors that he can use on Shukaku. Aside from the fact that it wouldn’t hurt him Shukaku is too fast for Bones. Bones is just too old now. He can’t take down this kind of monster. Shukaku has a great start so far. He’s been pwning. Bones might as well throw in the towel. Shukaku wins.

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Shukaku vs Captain Kirk

Well Kirk has phazors, but they won’t do too much damage against Shukaku. Shukaku is just too powerful and the phazor blasts might just bounce off of him. One stomp and Shukaku takes down Kirk fast. Kirk gets himself another loss and dies a bit more in the long run. Shukaku wins.