Sailor Moon vs Johnny Ohm

Suggested by Destroyer Johnny’s electricity is a pretty fast attack so it may be hard for Sailor Moon to dodge the assault. Still, I think she will be in pretty good shape with her own energy blasts. Not only does she pack more firepower than Johnny but in general I’d say that she is faster as well. Ultimately that gives her the edge in this fight. Sailor Moon wins.

Pyrrha Nikos vs Johnny Ohm

maxresdefault (1)
Suggested by Destroyer Johnny Ohm is definitely not a very popular character and I can’t say that I have come across many fans of his. That being said, he is a strong fighter in his own right and can unleash some serious thunder abilities. They won’t be enough to break Pyrrha’s aura or even to buy him much time, but at least he will be putting up a reasonable struggle. Pyrrha Nikos wins.

The BioLizard vs Johnny Ohm

Well Johnny has been winning his share of matches so it’s only fair that he loses one after a while. The BioLizard is a giant being that has been known to take on characters like Shadow and Sonic. He is not to be reckoned with. The BioLizard wins.

Johnny Ohm vs Mecha Godzilla

Mecha Godzilla does better than some of the others, but Johnny Ohm’s thunder is too much for him. Johnny Ohm beats yet another monster, but sadly his monster rampage is over for now. He had a good roll. Johnny Ohm wins. Barriers come in handy with Mecha G’s win. Mecha Godzilla wins.

Johnny Ohm vs Destoroyah

Now Destroyah is here to fight. Of course he’ll have no better luck than the rest of the monsters. Johnny Ohm is just too powerful. He doesn’t lose. In fact he’s on a surprisingly good roll. Johnny Ohm wins. This is another match overturned. Destoroyah wins.