Megaguirus vs Thor

Megaguirus is a powerful Kaiju, but she won’t be able to take down Thor. Thor is too powerful and he has defeated many opponents in the past. He’s gone up against Superman on equal ground and Megaguirus doesn’t have enough speed to keep up with him. Thor will eventually claim the victory with his overwhelming power. Thor wins.

Megaguirus vs Chunk

The Chunk just can’t catch a break! Now it’s Megaguirus’s turn to take him on in a battle that will be remembered! Megaguirus just needs one good hit to take The Chunk down. Megaguirus is a powerful Kaiju and she’s also pretty quick. The Chunk is taking yet another loss in this round. Megaguirus wins.

Megaguirus vs Flashman

Megaguirus is back, but she doesn’t have what it takes too defeat Flashman. He has thunder attacks that move with incredible speed. Megaguirus may be big, but she lacks the speed that Flashman has. He wins this match hands down and rises in the blog yet again. Megaguirus will be back one of these days. Flashman wins.

Megaguirus vs Ultron

Megaguirus is a pretty strong monster…….she can fly…..Anyway Ultron has super strength powerful enough too take down the Hulk and Thor! His power knows few limits and he wins this match easy enough. And against someone like Megaguirus that’s an honor. Ultron rises higher in the blogging ranks! Ultron wins.

Battra vs Megaguirus

This is one of the closer monster fights. Megaguirus is pretty fast and can absorb your energy and health. Of course Battra has his lasers and can fly kind of sort of fast. In the end Megaguirus takes this match. She just outranks Battra in this match. Battra will be back one of these days to pwn. Megaguirus wins.