Hirudegarn vs Palkia

Suggested by Destroyer Hirudegarn may not have been the most impressive DBZ fighter, but he was still holding his own against Mystic Gohan and did a good job against Goku and Vegeta as well. He can teleport and in terms of raw power is a lot higher than Palkia. Palkia is just outmatched here and as powerful a Pokemon as he may be, it simply won’t be enough this time. He just wasn’t ready for this kind of foe. Hirudegarn wins.

2 thoughts on “Hirudegarn vs Palkia

  1. Are you sure about this one? Palkia can cut space itself in half (like Janemba, but on a greater scale), that move itself could one-shot if Hirudegarn isn’t careful.

    • Palkia is incredibly strong, but I think the speed difference will be impossible to surmount here. Hirudegarn was able to keep up with SSJ3 Goku and Mystic Gohan. He could probably stop Palkia before the Pokemon has a chance to use his move

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